There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all. – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

CREA’s foundation is rooted in literacy and a love of books.

The Library Services Initiative is more than working with children to foster the ability to read and write. The Initiative is about creating and nurturing a relationship between children and books. Books offer children a portal to different worlds, people, cultures, legends, languages, and stories. The joy of sitting down and reading a book is unlike any other.

In the communities where CREA functions, children and youth do not have access to books in their homes beyond the bible. It is rare to see a parent and child reading together on the front porch or in the hammock. Part of the reason that those precious moments and experiences are essentially non-existent is because there has been very little access to books that are in Spanish, age-appropriate, and with little or no cost associated. Additionally, some parents simply struggle to teach their children to read and embrace books because they did not achieve a level of education that allows them to do just that.

To put into context education in rural Nicaragua, visit CREA’s 2016 Annual Report.

“Luis” is a CREA primary school student in the community of Limón 1. Regularly, he attends CREA’s mobile team visit each Tuesday afternoon. Though young, his mind is wide open! Currently studying English and Computation at FunLimón during the week, and attending CREA mobile team visits on Tuesday, his dream for the future is to be a diplomat. After studying English, he’ll be looking to find a way to study Chinese, as he sees the connection between Nicaragua and China becoming stronger. He visits CREA to talk about the latest book he checked out and explore new ones. He has grasped what it means to fall in love with books. “Luis” is an example of one of the many children that participate in CREA’s vital Library Services Initiative.

We look forward to expanding our Library Services Initiative with the construction of CREA’s new center. The center will house a formal library component – open and free to the public, from young children to grown adults – that, in addition to the CREA mobile team, will continue to foster a love of reading in rural Nicaragua.