Vision, Mission, and History

Our Vision

Minds Wide Open

Our Mission

CREA elevates Nicaraguans and their communities through literacy and learning.

History of the Organization

Since May 2011, a group of friends, including the founding members of CREA, has worked with several local community organizations and schools in the region to promote literacy. The friends came together in partnership with local community members to give back to the region they have come to know and love deeply.

With community support, the group helped found a local library with over 3,000 books, computers, and access to the Internet. It has supported after-school homework help for primary school students, tutoring for high school students, and provided books and didactic materials to schools. Through a mobile lending library and visits to schools, services were eventually extended to seven rural communities. In a region where a library didn’t exist previously and this type of extra support was not available, the love of reading, exploration, cultural exchange, and the value of education have begun to take root.