Academic Success

CREA works to empower children and youth to achieve their dreams for the future through literacy and education. The Academic Success initiative aims to eliminate barriers to education through 3 programs: Academic Enrichment at CREA, Academic Enrichment Outreach, and College Preparation. Participants receive the assistance and encouragement they need to be successful in school. Our staff collaborate with and support public school teachers and school directors, and programming is also tailored to involve families in order to improve school retention rates.

Academic Enrichment at CREA Program provides homework help and enrichment for primary and secondary school students at the CREA Library and Education Center. The CREA Academic Success team works closely with teachers in the local public schools to reinforce content students are learning in school and provide individualized attention to vulnerable students.

Academic Enrichment Outreach Program is designed for primary school students who are unable to access the CREA Library and Education Center. Weekly, the CREA Academic Success team travels to remote communities to provide homework help and enrichment activities.

College Preparation Program provides academic preparation for entrance into Nicaragua’s public universities located in Nicaragua’s major cities of Managua, Jinotepe, and León. These preparation programs include focused activities to reinforce key concepts in math, language, and literature and provide aspiring university students the content and confidence to pursue higher education.